Red Flag Complete Package

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The Red Flag Complete Package Our best solution for identity theft prevention for your auto dealership.

Red Flag Complete is our full compliance package, including risk assessment and analysis, policy generation and acceptance, incident tracking, employee video training, and more. If you're unsure of your Red Flag compliance needs, this Red Flag Complete plan will get your business up to speed with federal regulations and help you and your employees maintain a safe level of operation when dealing with customer information.

This package consists of:

  • Red Flag risk assessment and evaluation
  • Policy creation and management program
  • Employee training and certification
  • Reporting and auditing services
  • Incident tracking
  • A copy of A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule

Red Flag Complete Package Details Our solutions to Red Flag compliance are simple, automated and cost effective.

Assessment of existing operations

This is an initial risk assessment of your business. It measures your business's identity theft prevention strengths and weaknesses. It is the first step in creating your Identity Theft Prevention Program.

It doesn't stop here though. Now that you know what your risk is, what will you do with that information? You need to do whatever it takes to prevent Identity theft in your dealership. The Federal Trade Commission is levying large fines on businesses that do not have any precautions put into place to stop Identity Theft. Begin with a risk assessment and then step up to our automated customized policy generation and reporting software.

Customizable Policy Generation

This is where we assist you in developing your businesses Identity Theft Prevention Program. You can add existing policies, create new ones, and based on your risk assessment, implement the policies that we have developed that you feel best fit your business needs. All of your policies will be backed up and stored in co-locations so you never have to worry about losing them or where they are located.

In addition to that, we offer full archiving ability to keep all of your policies, and changes made to them, on record so that if you do have the unfortunate occurrence of Identity theft, you will have all of your current and past policies to represent that you did all you could do to avoid the occurrence.

Step-by-step Video Training for Employees

As a part of your monthly service we provide up-to-date HD video training and testing for all your employees who have any access to a customer's personal data. We also give you reports on who has tested and what their level of compliance is in relation to your Identity Theft Prevention Program.

Incident Management

If you do have an identity theft occurrence, we have the tools to assist you in gathering information and formulating an action plan to avoid that particular problem in the future. This function is also automated and the information gathered will be saved with your Identity Theft Prevention Program for reporting and future audits.

Report Generation

Another added benefit of your monthly service is the report generation feature. It allows you to do audits and print reports on your business's state of compliance in regards to the Red Flag Rule, whenever you feel it is necessary, but no less than once a year, which is required by the Red Flag Regulations. This feature shows that you have maintained and kept up-to-date the policies and procedures that relate to your Identity Theft Prevention Program.

A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule by Michael Benoit

A Copy of A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule

We'll send you a copy of the best guide out there on the Red Flags Rule, written by Michael Benoit, the known authority on legal knowledge of the Red Flags Rule. This book contains helpful suggestions for managing the Identity Theft Prevention Program within your dealership.

Developed in consultation with

Hudson Cook, LLP and Michael Benoit

Well-known expert, author and speaker on legal compliance in the financial industry.

Assess risk to prevent identity theft Assess risk to prevent identity theft
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