Red Flag Basic Package

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The Red Flag Basic Package A good first step towards Red Flag compliance$299 one-time

Red Flag Basic provides a necessary assessment of your policies and security procedures, offering a good first step towards federal Red Flag compliance.

This package consists of:

Your Next Step

Once you assess your risk, what will you do next? The Red Flag rule requires implementation of policies, yearly reports, audits, and more. It has taken experts on automotive law months to create policies that can cost over $10,000 and that's just the next step.

Our Red Flag Complete package includes everything you need to comply with the Red Flags rule, hassle free and simple.

Red Flag Basic Package DetailsA simple, automated and cost effective identity theft risk assessment.

Assessment of existing operations

This is an initial risk assessment of your business. It measures your business's identity theft prevention strengths and weaknesses. It is the first step in creating your Identity Theft Prevention Program.

It doesn't stop here though. Now that you know what your risk is, what will you do with that information? You need to do whatever it takes to prevent Identity theft in your dealership. The Federal Trade Commission is levying large fines on businesses that do not have any precautions put into place to stop Identity Theft. Begin with a risk assessment and then step up to our automated customized policy generation and reporting software.

A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule by Michael Benoit

A synopsis of A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule

We'll send a synopsis of A Dealer's Guide to the Red Flags Rule, written by Michael Benoit. It will provide you with tips and suggestions to help your Dealership become Red Flag compliant.

Developed in consultation with

Hudson Cook, LLP and Michael Benoit

Well-known expert, author and speaker on legal compliance in the financial industry.

Assess risk to prevent identity theft Assess risk to prevent identity theft