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What is the Red Flags Rule? Learn about this federal mandate that applies to all auto dealerships.

Federal law makes compliance mandatory. Dealerspan makes compliance simple.

We know that auto dealerships have enough work on their hands. Here are just a few ways we are making compliance simple, automated, and cost effective:

  • Designed by experts

    We've hired the best compliance expert in the industry, Michael Benoit, to do the legal work required to create custom policies based on your risk assessment.

  • Secure policy management

    Red Flag Complete includes secure archival of policies, assessments, and evaluations, complete with logs of when policies were put into place.

  • High quality video training

    We provide up-to-date video training and testing for all employees who have access to personal customer data.

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By choosing to be a proactive dealer and implementing our Red Flag Compliance program now, you will be ready for the May 1st deadline. Do not put off this mandatory obligation.

Don't wait, call today and become compliant for FREE, with Red Flag Complete!

Choose a Red Flag Plan: Our solutions to Red Flag compliance are simple, automated and cost effective.

Red Flag Complete The complete Red Flag compliance package As low as $159/month

Red Flag Complete is our full compliance package, including risk assessment and analysis, policy generation and acceptance, incident tracking, employee video training, and more. If you're unsure of your Red Flag compliance needs, this Red Flag Complete plan will get your business up to speed with federal regulations and help you and your employees maintain a safe level of operation when dealing with customer information.

This package consists of:
  • Red Flag risk assessment and evaluation
  • Policy creation and management program
  • Employee training and certification
  • Reporting and auditing services
  • Incident tracking

Red Flag Basic A Good First Step $299 one-time

Red Flag Basic provides a necessary assessment of your policies and security procedures, offering a good first step towards federal Red Flag compliance.

This package consists of:
  • Red Flag risk assessment and evaluation

Developed in consultation with

Hudson Cook, LLP and Michael Benoit

Well-known expert, author and speaker on legal compliance in the financial industry.